desi milk

Introducing Desi Cow Milk.

From Organic Mandya.

100% raw, unprocessed A2 milk from naturally grazing, grass-fed desi cows

bad gmo
Non-Jersey & Non-HF

The milk you are probably consuming contains low-quality and harmful A1 proteins sourced from genetically modified cows fed with processed and contaminated food.

Desi Milk is from naturally grazing desi cows. It's how the milk used to be and how it's meant to be — healthy & wholesome!

100% Raw. No Injections

Native breeding ensures production of milk containing high quality A2 proteins known to be non-allergic, easy to digest, and rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

The regular milk doesn't have these much-needed nutrients and is laced with GMO, harmful hormones and A1 protein.

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